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College Funding of America (CFA) was founded by Mr. Lynn B. Keefer.  With over three decades of domestic and international experience, Mr. Keefer, a published author, has become a sought-after dynamic speaker, conference leader, lecturer, guide, coach, and consultant to thousands of families and companies.  His expertise in industry and economic trends, business, and technology surfaces in subject matters that impact the lives of his audience.  

I founded CFA because I’ve witnessed first-hand the issues that families are dealing with related to college admissions and funding, said Mr. Keefer.  In this age of uncertainty, the college applications and admissions process has become more complex, families seem to be less able to help their children with the rising costs of college, families do not have all of the skills or the time to manage the process, and student debt has become a major burden for graduates even if they can find a paid position in their career field.  These changes are becoming closer to the norm rather than the exception.  I knew there had to be a way to help students and parents to harness this change and get control of their future.


CFA brings together a team of nationally recognized experts to address every facet and step in the college preparation, application, admissions, and funding systems.  In combination with our strategic partners, we have a staff of college admission professionals, personal coaches and counselors for parents and students, financial aid analysts, experts in college loan programs, financial advisors, CPA’s, and attorneys – All of these can be made available to families as their own personal and private resource.  

The CFA Team is there for you and your family every step of the way.
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