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CFA SmartPlan™ Get Into College, Not Debt.

Family College Planning Can Be Manageable and

Affordable for You and Your Student.

CFA's mission is to educate families and students about the college admissions and funding processes, provide stress-free solutions, restore hope and confidence in the future, help to protect you financially today and preserve your tomorrows, and create peace of mind.


We know the importance of family and

financial security today & in the future. 

Your Personal Solution Starts Here.


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College costs have increased over six percent (6 %) each year for the last 40 years.  Today, four years of college could easily cost $65,000 to over $220,000. 


On average, students require nearly six (6) years to complete their undergraduate degree.


Although families attempt to navigate through the rules, regulations, and forms on their own, they soon realize that the college process is extremely complex and definitely not the same as it was in the '90's and beginning of this decade!


The applications for financial aid are more extensive: The FAFSA has over 125 questions and the CSS profile has over 400 questions.


Every year less than two percent (2.00%) of the 2.9 billion dollars in financial aid came from private scholarships.

The type of application that is submitted to colleges could have a direct impact on the amount of financial aid that a student can receive - Most families are not aware of this potential delimiter.

Nearly all colleges are first and foremost a business - And while they are normally classified as non-profit entities, they are very much focused on paying the least amount in financial aid to students and receiving the maximum amount of money.

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We can help you to take control of your future and we will be with you all the way!


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